10 Things all cat owners have already done (Video of the day)

No jealous! After the weird things that all dog owners do, it's the turn of happy cat owners to be examined in all their funniest seams!

You have one or more home matous? So you've probably done at least one of those 10 things, wonderfully well illustrated by the famous feline duo Cole and Marmalade and their charming human!

1. Fight to finish your dinner (or just start it!)

2. Print and frame pictures of your dear and tender feline

3. Return the laundry to

4. Use the bathroom later than expected

5. Cancel an exit to stay at home and cuddle your cat

6. Walk in a ball of hair, or in vomit

7. Buy and pack gifts for your cat

8. Chat with your cat

9. Sniff the soft, warm belly of your cat
10. Looks kind of stupid when playing with your cat

Do you think this list is not exhaustive? Feel free to extend it in your comments !

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