10 Situations that all cat owners have experienced

Having a cat is probably one of the most beautiful experiences in the world for any master animal lover . But... it is (really) not easy!

Reputed independent, the cat is nonetheless a ball of hair as playful as curious who has needs, and desires. His passion in life? Make you live great moments that you will never forget. The proof:

1. The nocturnal awakening to fill the bowl

The cat - in good predator - chase the night. And you know what ? When you come to wake up, he lets you know that you are his sidekick.

2. The appropriation of a super useful cardboard

Cat + cardboard = love. This is a reality.

3. The destruction of the curtains to better see the birds outside

4. The pillow squat... that finishes full of hair

It is soft, comfortable, smells like perfume... irresistible for your companion!

5. Gardening revisited

6. The emptying of plate in rule since one has the head elsewhere

7. Spying everywhere, all the time

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8. The cat hidden in the closet

9. Have to vacuum / sew a garment before an appointment

10. The moments of cuddling... as cute as it is cute

Even if you doubt it, a cat who presents you with his butt is a cat who loves you. Yes, really.

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