10 Misconceptions about dogs of refuge

Without masters but not without hope, dogs collected by shelters like those of SPA must fight against strong ideas about them. Here is a list of 10 beliefs about dogs proposed for adoption who have a hard time:

These dogs are in a shelter because they are not good dogs.
All dogs offered to the dog adoption are not dogs that behaved badly: many are there because their masters could no longer afford the costs, others because their owner, aged, has died.

These dogs have problems of socialization.
There are, of course, dogs that have suffered from abuse or neglect, but that does not mean that they are unable to adapt to a loving home.

All shelter dogs have experienced
Many dogs were simply abandoned because they became bulky, too expensive to maintain, too noisy... but certainly not violent.

Dogs that have been abused must be spoiled.
Dog needs a balance; he must know that you are the dominant and he is the dominated. You can achieve this with the method of reward and the affection you need, without overdoing it.

Shelter dogs have health problems.
SPA volunteers take care of the animal health and ensure their well being. When you adopt them, they have a microchip and are castrated or sterilized.

These dogs are at the shelter for a good reason.
Most of the time it's just a master who has adopted a dog without realizing the responsibilities it implied: a dog takes time, money, and a lot of love.

They are not purebreds.
All kinds of dogs are abandoned, the shelters are not content to collect stray dogs

These dogs come from the street
All the masters do not have the unconsciousness to abandon their animal on a highway area or in the street . Most take their responsibility and bring their dog directly to the shelter.

Refuge dogs are not educated.
Many refuge dogs, even if they have been abandoned, have received an education. In addition, volunteers ensure that they receive a minimum of socialization.

These dogs look unhappy.
It is especially that they need affection. If you know how to show an adopted dog that you love him, he will give it back to you all his life!

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