10 Ideas to create a decorative corner for your cat

These simple ideas will allow you to create a cozy place for your cat in accordance with your interior.

Between hugs, the favorite occupation of your cat is of course of sleep . And no question of rest anywhere, any more than to wash in an inappropriate place. Your cat is a VIP member of the family and you want to make it a cozy place for your many naps. And if you were told that there are ideas more design than a simple basket in a corner? Solutions validated by demanding carts!

1. Good composition

Completely integrated in the decoration, melted in the shelf, this concave niche welcomes the feline of the family. In perfect harmony with all the furniture. A small padded carpet has been added for the cat to be comfortably installed. In this design space and monochrome dedicated to the welfare of the animal, we also thought of shelves to store croquettes and toys. This furniture has been custom designed to allow it to live at a good height and find its place in the house.

© Portico Design Group

2. Secret nook

We could classify this small cat niche in the category of improbable, between the mouse hole (a height) and the cat flap. Put in color by the soft blue of the wall, this little hiding place, pierced in the wall expressly for the tomcat of the family, offers him both refuge and a place apart. Dressed with wood molding, like the framing of the door, it blends into the decor and can even be hidden by a piece of furniture if you want to make it disappear.

© Thomas Buckborough & Associates

3. In the

Indian Teepee , at the forefront of the folk trend, has invaded children's rooms . It is found here declined in feline version. This small Indian tent from Uncommon Goods is made of cardboard, easy to transport and dismantle. And it can be said that Kitty Minky, this slightly hipster cat from Brooklyn, adopted her immediately.

© Rikki Snyder

4. Design Felin

This cat is a real designer in his miniature reproduction of the iconic Eye Chair by Eero Aarnio. Fiberglass hull and pop interior, this chair child version has nothing to envy to his elder because in reality, there is no version for this cat anthology furniture. It would have taken more to stop this family of tomcat lovers. That's because McQueen, their beloved pet, loves the red they've conceded that touch of color in their bedroom.

© Betty's Room, LLC

5. Cat-noise shade

Cut out of closet doors, this cat silhouette hides bedding and products intended for the cat . The owners have found a way to humorously assume the function of this closet while masking its content with discretion. With its original shape , it gives the whole laundry a boost.

© Mary Jo Bowling

6. Below

A clever laundry that has not forgotten to leave a small place for the cat. To save space in the garage, the washing machines were embedded in the wall. And so that no corner is lost, the few inches under the dryer have been put to good use. A niche was dug out of the wall and the matou quickly took refuge.

< John Hannah Architectural Design & Rendering

7. Playing Cat and Mouse

In this immaculate and well-organized laundry room, a nice wink of wink was made at the cat house. Next to his bowl, in a small corner dedicated to him, is a cupboard cut out in the shape of a cat's silhouette. Why cut out the front of a closet? Simply because it contains the litter of the cat and it must be able to go and come safely.

© Brickmoon Design

8. Carpeted Labyrinth

A closet that opens on strange curves with a futuristic look. This is actually the secret haunt of a lucky twink who can cling to the carpet , climb at will, claw and finally sleep in this space dedicated to him. A local craftsman created this customized space. A carpet covers the curved wall. It can be masked at will by a library facade in trompe-l'oeil;

© Siol

9. Orientalism for hair ball

To compose a cozy little corner to her cat, this young Lithuanian was inspired by a travel atmosphere in the East. With a cushion upholstered on the floor and two duffel Persian patterns, this corner is simple but very chic and replaces the traditional basket by a comfortable rest area and perfectly integrated with the decor. At the height of elegance , a strip of wallpaper matching the cushions adorns the wall and defines the space reserved for the feline

© U & I design

10. Loft Spirit

Away from the traditional basket, this bright red metal case has a sacred look. It will not be surprising to find this cat in a big New York loft . The owners wanted to share their room with their two cats, while keeping a design spirit but warm. They have unearthed this beautiful metal bed with clean lines that soften a large cushion, plants and vintage furniture around.

Rikki Snyder

Aurelie Roman
Editor for Houzz

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