10 Good reasons to have a dog rather than a spouse

Many people enjoy having a companion in their life... And when some prefer to opt for the presence of human beings, others still prefer to adopt a dog. And as much to tell you that we understand why!

1. You are never alone

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Unlike your spouse who may prefer his outings with friends, your dog will want to spend all his time with you !

2. You know that you really count for someone

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You are the center of your dog's world, he will only have eyes for you! It is not for nothing that he has been declared best friend of man !

3. The dog is a faithful animal

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Yes, your dog would be ready for anything for you ! The proof with some animals that travel hundreds of miles to find their home... which human would be able to do that?

4. Your doggie's walk is a good way to exercise

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While your spouse is comfortably seated on the couch in front of a TV show, your doggie will do everything to get you out outside ! You can even play with him, so do not hesitate!

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5. Your dog will always give you a smile

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Your dog is a true antidepressant ... if you've had a bad day at work and you're not feeling good the last one will do everything to comfort you, even if it means clowning!

6. The dog is naturally cute

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Unlike your spouse who often looks like Grinch in the morning, your dog - him - will be naturally handsome and adorable !

7. You can share everything with a dog

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Your meal, your bed, your activities... you can do everything with your dog. The principle? As long as he is with you, he is happy! Try to do that with your spouse...

8. Your dog is able to detect a possible danger

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Thanks to their sixth sense as well as their sense of smell , our four-legged friends are able to detect a beginning of fire, the arrival of a natural disaster or for the most trained: gas leaks! It is surely not your partner who will save your life so...

9. Your dog helps you be healthier

Dog owners recover faster after illness and have a greater chance of survival after a heart attack...

10. Your dog will never - NEVER - reproach you


You leave him a day alone locked up at home? No worries, he will make you party when you come back from work, because he is always happy to see you again... on the other hand, not sure that it works like this with your partner!

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