10 Good reasons to adopt an old cat (Video of the day)

Certainly kittens, these balls of hair on legs absolutely irresistible, are adorable. But have you thought about adopting an older cat than a baby?

Jack Jack is an old man of the old. This cat is 18 , and in this fun video, it gives us 10 good reasons to crack for an adult cat well in his pattounes rather than for an over-excited kitten

Save a life

1 . Kittens are cute... but who knows what they will look like when they grow up?

2 . The personality of adult cats is already developed. So you'll know right away if it will be in harmony with the rest of the family.

3. Older cats like to relax by your side... unlike many kittens!

4. Cats with miles on the clock can still run very fast!

5. Older cats seem to understand that you have saved them

6. Kittens chew on everything that goes under them fangs! While older cats chew less, and keep their energy for much more important things, like sleeping for example...

7. older cats know how to use litter

8 . adult cats are experts in the toilet, and are always in beauty. the kittens are too busy to take the time to clean themselves.

9 . They know that toys are made to be bitten, unlike your feet and hands!

10. You could be their last chance . Senior cats have so much trouble finding a home. When you adopt an old cat, you really save a life .

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