10 Christmas gift ideas for your cat!

Like all other members of the family, will your cat have a Christmas present waiting under the tree? But which present to choose? A new toy, a soft cushion, tasty treats, a new place to roost?

Not always easy to find the perfect Christmas gift for your cat. But do not panic ! If you have not made your choice yet, check out the selection of Christmas Gift Ideas for Cat AllCreatureAnimalClinic and ConsoAnimo have concocted for you! You can see hundreds of reviews for each item and see what rating has been given by other cat owners based on its strength, aesthetics, interest in your pet and its price. This year, for sure, you will make the right choice!

A laser to take everywhere

If you have already done the test, you are not unaware of how much cats are attracted by lasers, 'They could go on for hours! The Cat Flash Cat cat toy fits in your pocket and wherever you go with your favorite cat, you'll be able to use it. The light can change shape to become butterfly, star or single point.

Cat cat laser flash toy: 5,40 €

A labyrinth full of croquettes

Your cat is a wolverine? Or do you just want to give him an accessory to help him fight against boredom? Circuits, dispensing balls and other croquet labyrinths are perfect for combining business with pleasure. Your cat eats less quickly and his intellect is strongly stimulated since he must understand the operation of the dispenser to be able to release its precious kibble!
The Labyrinth Senses by CATIT is very playful. True kibble ride, it will entertain your cat for long moments while preserving its line.

Labyrinthe Senses CATIT: 15,90 €

The indispensable hammock

It will certainly not have escaped you, the cats have a real passion for radiators. In the winter, they like to lie closer to them to enjoy their warmth. Give your beloved a haven of peace and comfort by installing a hammock just for him!

The Trixie radiator hammock is as stable as it is easy to fix. Even the big cats will be able to take long winter naps there.

Trixie cat radiator hammock: 11,99 €

A play circuit

To be in his head and in his paws, the cat must to spend both physically and mentally. Some indoor games can help it.

The Catit Sensis Design Game Circuit is one of those! Stimulating, it allows your companion to develop his hunter's instinct without having to go out of your home.

Catit Sensis Design Playground: 8.45 €

Tasty appetizers

Sharing your food with your little companion is never a good idea... especially at Christmas! However, you can get him involved in the festivities by giving him some treats - good for him - to nibble by your side.

Crispy on the outside and melting on the inside, the bites Dreamies of Catisfaction can be THE perfect compromise. In addition, they come in several flavors!

Dreamies of Catisfaction: 1.99 €

A tree with wooden cat

Cats love to climb and perch to observe. For those who have small spaces and lack of development possibilities, the cat tree is an ideal accessory.
The Wood cat catcher, which attaches to the ceiling, takes up little space in width. This beautiful natural wood accessory offers many hiding places, platforms and niches that will delight the families of several cats!

Wood cat tree: 119 €

An electronic prey

If he likes to sleep, the cat loves to hunt too. Corks, paper balls, balls, little mice... everything is good to run in his eyes.

But if you want to see him having fun for hours: think Petsafe Flik interactive toy! Rolling out randomly, this one will be for your feline like a real prey to try to catch.

Petsafe Interactive Toy Flik: 30.30 €

Festive sweets!

You want to please your cat by offering him a festive meal? Giving leftover Christmas food to your pet is not a good idea! You could make it sick... So prefer special cat treats such as Cat Caviar , a snack of grated bonito tuna that will delight your taste buds.

Cat caviar: 2,49 €

A new baby comforter

Even those who are terrified by the chirp will fall for this sweet soft toy! Your cat will snuggle against her but also play for hours. This fur spider is indeed mounted on elastic so you can make it jump in the air!

Spider in fur for cat: 2,69 €

A AllCreatureAnimalClinic Box for cat

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