10 Books on pets for this summer

The summer holidays is an opportunity to rest, to cultivate, to play with his companion in 4 legs... and why not combine the 3 by reading ? AllCreatureAnimalClinic offers a selection of 10 books on pets . In addition, you can still enjoy free shipping with the promo code LAUNCH

The great classics

A little back to basics, it never hurts anyone! Here is the best way to revise his classics (or teach his children): My pet is a book that teaches children and their parents how to choose, welcome, raise and caring for a companion

For cat lovers, The world encyclopedia of cats is the : 6000 photos, and 70 deep cards on feline breeds recognized by the LOOF (Official Book of Feline Origins)

If you are a fan of a dog breed, I love it my... Labrador / Yorkshire / Jack Russel / Bulldog is the book which will help you to make him happy, to make him happy, to amuse him, to groom him, to educate him, to feed him, to groom him... and simply to understand him !

To go on holiday with his dog

My dog ​​ is the Bible of globe-trotters who do not part with their pets during the holidays. The precautions to take during the trip, the regulations in force abroad, health tips... everything for a trip to the hair!

Playing with his dog will delight those who are out of ideas ideas activities with their companion. Indeed, the game is not limited to " Fetch! " and you will find there how to stimulate the intellectual and physical activity of your dog.

The box of the Dog Frisbee combines theory and practice: it teaches you to play Frisbee with your dog (they love it) and offers you the frisbee to put the "hand to the paw".

Know your pet by heart

The language of the dog and The language of the cat are books that all pet owners should have: even when you feel like you know them, there is always signals that can not be decrypted

Canine grooming will give you details of your pet's grooming techniques . Whether at the beach, the mountain or the countryside, if your dog snorts, you'll be ready!

With Aggressive dog: the solution exists , the clueless masters will find solutions to behavioral problems of their companion. You will be able to go on holiday with him again.

What will you do all summer, right? Make your choice and get free shipping with the LANCEMENT promo code. Happy reading!