10 News "animals" that marked 2010

This year 2010 was rich in emotions for our pets . From the tragic news item, to the unusual record, to the act of heroism, here are 10 animal news that particularly caught your eye in 2010.

1. Dogs thrown into the river
A terrible story that kept you in suspense for several weeks. Overnight, a video goes around the world on the Internet: we see a hooded girl throw without hesitation newborn dogs born in the river.

The web is unleashed and the girl's relatives fear for his security. A few days later, a dramatic twist. An old lady living below the river claims to have recovered the puppies before drowning.

Later, the deception is revealed, the old lady lied to protect the responsible girl whose parents she knows.

2 . The largest dog in the world
His name is Giant George and he is 109 centimeters tall. This German Great Dane has been named the world's biggest dog by the Guinness Book of Records, and there's plenty of it!

3. The 10 favorite dogs of the French
Tastes and colors, as we usually say, it is not discussed. Yet the French have favorite dog breeds: rediscover them in the top 10.

4. a cat gives birth to a dog
It is a story that will remain in the annals of 2010 in the radius of the unlikely stories. A woman from Georgia claimed that her cat had given birth to a dog. No evidence, but the scientists argued that it could be due to Chernobyl radiation...

5. The woman who throws a cat in the trash
Another animal scandal of 2010: a woman throws a cat into a dumpster for no apparent reason. Filmed by a surveillance camera, she is quickly found and sentenced by a court for cruelty to an animal.

6. A dog wakes up after euthanasia
A man wanted to euthanize his dog to spare him the suffering he lived on a daily basis. After returning the body to his home, he was surprised to see him awake.

7. The dog with the longest tongue in the world
11.43 centimeters of tongue for a simple Pekingese, it is still a sacred feat!

8. A dog dragged on a leash by a car
An irresponsible woman did not let her dog get into the car because it was too dirty.

9. A dog saves a child from a bee attack
A brave man risked his life to save that of his little master who was attacked by a swarm of bees

10. A dog rescues an 86-year-old
A 86-year-old woman had inadvertently fallen into a ravine. Without news for 3 days, her relatives are organizing to find her. It is finally the bitch of her neighbor who found her safe and sound.

To be sure, 2011 will bring us lots of stories and anecdotes strong emotions. The only thing we can hope for is that the dramas will not be too numerous. Happy New Year to you and your animals