1 Dog out of 3 is not seen every day

One dog out of three can not run daily, this is the worrying finding revealed by a YouGov study for PDSA , an English charity providing veterinary care to the animals of the poor.
Horses, a dog needs freedom and can run, work, and let off steam every day. Canine inactivity can lead to pathologies such as depression or obesity.

Dogs facing loneliness

Equally problematic, the study reveals that 25% of pet dogs are left alone at least 5 hours a day . A loneliness often not well experienced by dogs who develop a tendency to stress, constant barking and sometimes the destruction of our furniture. But there are solutions to appease our companions when left alone.

The PDSA, interviewed by the Dailymail , evokes the lack of owner awareness about the needs of their dogs, grazing the unconsciousness when one considers the question of the feeding of the animals. However, the lack of knowledge absolutely does not put the love they bear to their companions . Yes, 91% of the 3000 English respondents say they are very concerned about the health of their dog.

Evaluate the level of happiness of his companion

As for other animals, we learn that in England, 1 cat out of 4 is overweight and 65% of rabbits live alone, in cage, while this sociable animal is in great need of companions.

PDSA therefore pushes all English-speaking animal owners to visit Abetterlifeforpets.org.uk in order to rate their happiness level