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The daily life of refuge cats? She looks like that! (Video of the day)
Covered with 3 kilograms of excrement, this shih-tzu experienced an incredible transformation
Despite her frog eyes, this cat sees life in pink
So that animals are no longer considered furniture
Swedish association gathers Syrian refugee and cat after 6 months separation
Jill, the miraculous squirrel that melts the web

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Test the FRONTLINE PET CARE 2-in-1 Foam for Dogs and Cats Cats

Test the FRONTLINE PET CARE 2-in-1 Foam for Dogs and Cats

This week, Conso Animo, the first pet products review and testing site, offers you test the FRONTLINE PET CARE 2-in-1 cleaning foam for free

All cat owners have already had the pleasure of seeing their companion turn into a tiger at the slightest touch with water. FRONTLINE PET CARE found the solution by proposing a 2-in-1 cleaning foam, to avoid any rinsing phase. No more scratches and soiling! Designed for both cats and dogs, the product cleans thoroughly wit

The dog truffle made at the 3D printer, the future of detecting drugs and explosives? Dogs

The dog truffle made at the 3D printer, the future of detecting drugs and explosives?

After studying the respiratory sequences of dogs for a long time, American scientists managed to recreate a truffle with the same characteristics...

As we know, there is probably nothing more pointed than the flair of dogs. Thanks to their sense of smell, they are able to perceive what no one can detect on the nose: explosives, drugs and even certain cancers. A super power that pushed the scientists of the American Institute of Standards and Technology

A cat has conquered the highest peak in Europe... on the shoulder of his master! Cats

A cat has conquered the highest peak in Europe... on the shoulder of his master!

It is with his owner that a cat has recently climbed Mount Elbrus (Russia). He was well equipped to survive his incredible trek in the snow.

The cat named Graf is probably the most adventurous cat in the world. Whenever possible, he goes to discover new places with Andrey Ostanine, his master. His last trip? It was in September, in the snow of Elbrus, reported the site Sputniknews . To get there, the duo made a 2600-kilometer journey from the city

When a tiny kitten helps stressed students Cats

When a tiny kitten helps stressed students

Thanks to the astonishing initiative of a Californian teacher, a tiny cat came to illuminate the daily life of stressed students.

From the height of her six weeks, Little Ony went to school! Collected by a teacher who became her host family , this little cat spent an unusual day for an animal her age.

Far from being intimidated, she knew perfectly well integrate among students. "She loves cuddling, playing and sleeping on my chest," her foster family told

The dog that obeys the finger and the eye (Video of the day) Dogs

The dog that obeys the finger and the eye (Video of the day)

Not easy for everyone to educate your dog ! We are afraid of being too demanding and having trouble doing it.

However, by starting your companion's education as soon as he is a puppy, you can do wonders by following a few simple rules.

For starters, you can take your dog to a puppy school where he will learn to mix with other humans and other dogs. Later, you will be able to take personalized lessons with a canine educator.

And you may get to Ty

Very rare, this albino kitten is looking for its new family Cats

Very rare, this albino kitten is looking for its new family

Moonbeam is the only one of its scope to be born with this genetic disease that affects its coat and his skin. Today, this adorable white ball of hair is waiting to be adopted.

Albinism is a genetic disease that affects the production of melanin that causes skin, hair and hair coloring. iris. If it is well known in humans, it also affects animals, with the same degree of rarity. In cats, it concerns about 2% of the population . That's why Moonbeam is so special

A magic kitten to promote adoption in shelters! (Video) Cats

A magic kitten to promote adoption in shelters! (Video)

Cat lovers already know it: our little feline companions have in them something magical ...

And this video, made for promoting the adoption of animals in shelters , is an indisputable proof!

A truly magical kitten!

More than a million Internet users have already been amazed by Loya's incredible tower, a Taiwanese magician able to make his hands appear... u n adorable red kitten !

But how

Prevent respiratory diseases of the cat Cats

Prevent respiratory diseases of the cat

Here are some rules single to prevent cat respiratory diseases :

- to vaccinate cat against respiratory virus
- living environment ventilated , neither too hot nor too cold
- avoid having several cats at a time, because overpopulation is detrimental to the respiratory system
- do not expose them to > passive smoke - do not use spray or volatile products in


Is the behavior of cats a mystery to you? (The question AllCreatureAnimalClinic / RMC)

Do not miss Your Pets on RMC Sunday morning! From 6am to 8am, Laetitia Barlerin, François Sorel and their guests will talk about the behavior of the cat. This is an exciting subject on which animal behavior researchers are constantly discovering new things.

Laetitia will speak and François Sorel will receive on this occasion a behaviorist and a documentarist who will tell us more about the mysteries of felines. They will give us explanations and tips to

This cat travels across the globe to find his savior

Mr. Meowgi, a cat born in Baghdad and saved by an American soldier, travels around the world to return to the United States. The goal: to finally find peace in a loving home.

"Mr. Meowgi was born at our workplace in Baghdad, Iraq in June 2015 , "wrote Brad Van Cleave on Facebook . But unfortunately, this tiny red kitten is the only one of the litter to survive... all the more urging Brad Van Cleave and his colleges to take care of the miraculate and his

10 Evidence that this cat is even more grumpy than Grumpy Cat

Grumpy Cat, the crankiest cat on the web? Talk to Juno and beware: he may glare at you.

Juno is a Himalayan and Burmese cross cat, and the least we can say is that he's not kidding, if we believe the photos of his account Instagram . Plunge your eyes in his and tremble: he seems demonic. Or in any case, very, very angry . Beside him, Grumpy Cat is not that a little cat slightly grumpy?

1. He is Juno <

EnjoyPhoenix adopts a cat, and it is really too cute!

While she already had a Carlin named Jelly, Marie Lopez has just adopted an adorable European kitten Cross Carthusian

A few days ago, the star of Youtube EnjoyPhoenix has announced a big news to its many fans: the adoption of a kitten of three months! Animal lovers, EnjoyPhoenix already has an adorable bitch Carlin named Jelly that can regularly see in his videos

It is 70 kilometers from his home that the pretty Marie Lopez was looked for his kitten: a E

His cat disappears, 14 years later he receives a call and has the shock of his life

Many things can change in 14 years but some things never change This is the case of

the love that one carries to one's friends. A terrible storm and a terrible loss

Everything starts in 2004. Perry Martin then lives in Florida when the State is hit by the storm Jeanne. In the midst of all

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He steals his own dog from the vet to save him

What would you do if your vet told you that your dog should be euthanized unless you Do you have $ 1,700 (more than $ 1,235) to pay?

What would you do if this same veterinarian refuses to return your dog? This young 18-year-old New Zealander did not hesitate: he asked to see his dog, took him in his arms, and ran away as fast as possible.

Buck, the puppy 5 months owned by Bronson Stewart was struck by a car . Young Brons

He wants to hit the dog that has bitten his Yorkshire

A 36 year old man domiciled in Biot (06) was going to celebrate an anniversary not far from his home, Villeneuve Loubet. He goes there with his dog Yorkshire breed, Pépette .

At the reception is already present a Boxer, belonging to another guest. The big dog seems peaceful, lying in the back of the living room

The owner of Pépette leaves the house momentarily around 20:00 thinking his dog in good company with the other guests. But on his re

Magnificent: a young cyclist interrupts his world tour to save a wandering dog

Ishbel Taromsari, a young woman from Scotland aged 34, became a true heroine, for animal lovers at least. While riding a bike around the world, the young woman decided to stop her journey to help a stray dog ​​. Very moved by the fate of the animal, she could not bring herself to leave him alone and then went in search of a loving family for him.

She made her aggressors flee and took her on his bike

Ishbel started four months ago in his world tour, with only

10,000 Years ago, dogs were eaten in America

Researchers have just shown that people in the current Texas region had dogs in their diet. almost 10,000 years ago.

How do we know? By examining the excrement of humans living there at the time, scientists found a bone fragment that belonged to a dog. They have managed to prove that this piece of bone is 9,400 years old, and that it has passed through the digestive circuit of a man.

But science is not yet able to explain to us in what circu

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After the hell of the labs, a happy ending for these mice and rabbits

They knew only the worst of the Humanity. But thanks to the talent of an Italian photographer who officiates as a volunteer in the refuge that saved them, these rodents and other lagomorphs see again a future where only the best is possible...

Their life before freedom? The labs, their tests and their cruelty. Before being rescued and made safe by La Collina dei Conigli, these rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs indeed underwent the experiments of the Man. Today out of the