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In a few seconds, a well-awake kitten falls asleep! (Video of the day)
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A cat saves 11 people from a fire
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This dog's favorite pastime? Climb on the roof! Dogs

This dog's favorite pastime? Climb on the roof!

bullets? The ropes ? The sweets ? Very little for this dog. His favorite activity is not to play or eat but to... get on the roof.

Huckleberry is a dog that was probably a cat in a previous life. Because like many felines, he has an inveterate passion for climbing. Especially when it comes to getting on the roof of the house of his masters. This is where he likes to spend most of his time. And if you seek it, do not look in your basket or in the garden.

6 Years and over 500 kilometers later, a dog finds his family for Christmas Eve Dogs

6 Years and over 500 kilometers later, a dog finds his family for Christmas Eve

Missing since 2009, a "sheltie" called Willie was finally able to celebrate with his family from Las Vegas for the end of year celebrations...

The Christmas miracle continues! After the return of cat Miko in his "home sweet home" Berlin, it is a shetland shepherd named Willie who found his family after a six-year walk. And indeed, he had been missing since April 2009 , when he was on vacation in Nevada with his

A cat gives a love to a kid from a rescue (Video of the day) Cats

A cat gives a love to a kid from a rescue (Video of the day)

The Leon Vegano Animal Sanctuary, foundation that promotes veganism in Spain, saves every year since 2009 many animals victims of cruelty. And between the survivors, tender bonds are woven...

The project of this refuge? Save, recover and protect all the animals that cross its path. Where ? In a haven of peace that volunteers build from day to day in order to let the animals live in peace while being respected for their true value. And very often, these activists for the respect o

Christmas of abandoned animals Dogs

Christmas of abandoned animals

At Christmas, many animals will be spoiled by their masters. But we must not forget those who, abandoned , will spend this moment supposed to be magical as they spend their lives, alone.

Fortunately, to allow these dogs and cats to find a little love during this family celebration, some mobilize . All, in a different way, but one and the same reason motivates them: the happiness of these animals

And if your dog was wearing the same handbag as you? Dogs

And if your dog was wearing the same handbag as you?

In real fashion victim you have always dreamed to match the pick-up of your dog to your purse? It is now possible, thanks to the site , which has just launched the concept of mini handbags, or rather necklace, for our dear and tender hairy .

Stylish from head to toe, passing by his dog

"A handbag is a statement of style, and many women want it to be visible from head to toe and even on their d

Do yoga with cats? An impossible mission! (Video of the day) Cats

Do yoga with cats? An impossible mission! (Video of the day)

You probably already knew, work or read in the presence of a feline is sometimes a little complicated. But to do another activity when they are several is even less easy!

Behind their reputation of being arrogant, independent and not very demonstrative with the humans, the cats hide in fact a heavy "secret": the latter like at least as much their owners as dogs appreciate theirs and... they have a way of their own to prove it. More "wild", tomcats tend to accept love only when th

Dog fur: undercoat and coat hair Dogs

Dog fur: undercoat and coat hair

Schematically, there are two components of the dog fur . The hair is longer and thicker at the top of the dress, and the short and woolly down is the bottom.

The first is called "coat hair" or "jars". It is generally smooth, of very variable length, of medium density and relatively impervious . Its hue is frank and sustained; it is shiny when it is healthy.

The second, called "undercoat" , "wool", "fluff

Famous paintings revisited... not dogs! Dogs

Famous paintings revisited... not dogs!

The Americans are not decidedly run out of crazy ideas to put their dog in the spotlight! After paintings or diamonds made up of remains of his dog , their DNA transposed into

modern art, now is the time for paintings of famous people revisited by the canidés

The idea comes from an American Valerie Leonard


Two cats fight in slow motion (Video of the day)

The game at the cat intensifies from the fourth to the eleventh week of life, say the specialists... But these two young cats , they only have to make theories: the game is for life !

Ambushes, nibbling, pursuits, roulades... Standing, on the back, all four paws in the air... Nothing stops these two loustiques!

And they have good reason to take advantage of it. That allows these great solitaries of to make

They see a kitten in the middle of the street, but when they come near they are furious

Shocking and revolting.

As they strolled down the street, Will and Divya saw an abandoned kitten in the middle of the street. Very bad, the poor tomcat needed help . Being already a host family for six cats, the couple decides to take Mani to be able to look after her because she has an infected eye.

Once Mani is safe, Will and Divya decide to go back to where they found the kitten to recover his brother, also in poor condition. Once there, the couple is

This kitten who twerkes because of a neurological disorder is cracking the Web (Video)

At 3 months old, this adorable ball of hair seduced the net surfers with its inflamed (but involuntary) dance movements.

Twerk could not be named otherwise. Collected by a shelter of the Humane Animal Rescue of Pittsburg in the United States, this female kitten masters indeed this famous dance prized by the stars of the pop better than these last ones. Except that it is not the music that makes it move but a neurological disorder. The small kitten has

She hears a cat crying in the basement, she will never forget what she has discovered (Video)

A story that has been around the world

Masha is a wandering cat who lives in the city of Obisinks in Russia. Regularly, the inhabitants of the city give him food and cuddles. Better still, when it's too cold outside, it's not unusual for Masha to be invited to come into a house to warm up a little .

Among the people who are used to to help Masha, there is Irina Lavrova. The latter is very attached to the wandering cat and worries as soon as she does not s

She remains stuck in a tree trying to save a cat

Tara Dennis is not about to forget the red-haired cat came to help a few days ago. This young woman living in Erie, a small town in Pennsylvania, is a big fan of felines, so when she saw this distressed hairball, stuck on the top of a tree , she did not do not hesitate long before flying, or rather climb to his aid

No more gifted than the cat!

As reported by the AP, Tara climbed a fence to get on the roof of a garage and so reach the tree

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The friendship between this baby and his corgi will warm your heart (Video of the day)

Nothing better than a nice video showing the beautiful love story between a dog and a baby to make you smile.

Between Beautiful and Tucker , things are not always simple, but sometimes the baby and his corgi know how to be the best friends of the world. This is the case in this very nice video where we can see the two friends having fun together and be happy to be both.

A real moment of love and sharing.


The Bulldog who lives in dog paradise... (Video of the day)

In dream world of dogs, humans would be the servants of canines and days would revolve around food, a diet without limits...
So, to spoil her pet, the owner of this greedy hairball has set up some pretty amazing habits while making his companion a true Prince at meals!

Indeed, the Bulldog has a small bell comparable to that used in the past to call the servants. The principle is simple, well installed at the table, he gives a poke on his bell and his mistress gives him food! Unbeliev

Allergy to dogs

Allergy Dogs is more common than we think. Dog hair is not usually the cause of allergic reactions: hair allergens , mixed with pet saliva and dead skin are the source of your allergies. allergies

Allergies to dogs are less common than cats. The intensity and severity of your allergy will depend on the size of your pet (a Saint Bernard will lose much more hair than a Chihuahua and therefore present more ri

Alcoholic he beats his puppy to death... and gets 5 years in prison!

Too drunk to remember anything, a 36 year old man was recently sentenced to 5 years in prison by a Court of Dallas (United States) for cruelly killing his puppy barely 5 months old at the time of the incident.

He said he did not remember anything but pleaded guilty. Already known by justice for his alcohol problems, Thyren Clent Justus, 36-year-old nurse, was arrested last Thursday for an act of cruelty on an animal: under the influence of the drink, he literally slaughtered Luke

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After the hell of the labs, a happy ending for these mice and rabbits

They knew only the worst of the Humanity. But thanks to the talent of an Italian photographer who officiates as a volunteer in the refuge that saved them, these rodents and other lagomorphs see again a future where only the best is possible...

Their life before freedom? The labs, their tests and their cruelty. Before being rescued and made safe by La Collina dei Conigli, these rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs indeed underwent the experiments of the Man. Today out of the