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Lil Bub raises funds for special animals like her

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The incredible friendship of a cat and a pogona... you are going to melt! Cats

The incredible friendship of a cat and a pogona... you are going to melt!

It was in Pennsylvania (USA) that the tender friendship of Charles and Baby was born . But at first, their young mistress was afraid to leave them together...

They are different and yet, Baby Cat and Charles the Pogona seem to love each other with infinite love. Their mistress, Cheyenne March - a 20-year-old American - was afraid to leave them together at first for fear that the cat would attack the lizard's tail. But today, she is rather pleased with the turn of the relationship

5 Christmas gift ideas for your dog Dogs

5 Christmas gift ideas for your dog

In a few days there will be under the trees of thousands of families a special gift, for the dog, cat or rabbit. Our animals are full members of the family, so they deserve a little surprise too, no?
But what could you offer to your four-legged companion? An extra gift is also a difficult choice to add to the list!

Here are some Christmas gift ideas for your dog , found on Conso Animo !

A rope to cuddle

Your dog

Heartography, the camera for dogs taking pictures with the heart Dogs

Heartography, the camera for dogs taking pictures with the heart

After the appearance of Catstacam, a camera taking pictures and posting them on Instagram to attach to his cat's collar, the dogs have no reason to be jealous, because now they also have their own camera.

"Transforming emotions into photographs"

The Nikon brand has developed this gem of technology, christened Heartography and as its name suggests, this camera takes pictures with the heart...

And indeed, thanks to its case printed in 3D and connected t

Wowbow: chic and timeless dog and cat accessories Dogs

Wowbow: chic and timeless dog and cat accessories

In Great Britain, All pet accessories are made from Scottish fabrics or mottled prints »Explains the creator of the brand Wowbow .

Difficult in these conditions to find a basket for a dog or a bed for cat sober and refined which will not denote with your interior decoration ...

Simple, chic and durable

It is from this observation that

He stabs and decapitates his puppy because he pee at home Dogs

He stabs and decapitates his puppy because he pee at home

An absolutely terrible story

In Arizona, a man The 29-year-old is charged with animal cruelty after killing and decapitating his fiancée's dog. An act of an incredible cruelty

Angry because of a pee

Called Bella, the little bitch had the bad idea to pee in the house instead of holding back and to take care outside. Absolutely furious in the face of this accident, the man grabbed the bitch to hit her hard against the bathtub. He then took a knife

What the animals answer to François Hollande Dogs

What the animals answer to François Hollande

Declaring not to consider changing the status of the animal, still considered a movable property by the civil code French, François Hollande caught the wrath of defenders and animal lovers last week

Angry, many owners of dogs, cats, rodents and other animals with hairs, scales or feathered had their companions pose to get their message across.

"I'm not a furniture"

A tumblr "I'm not a furniture" was

The surprised look of this adorable cat will make you crack! Cats

The surprised look of this adorable cat will make you crack!

For a few days, a Korean cat has been passionate about social networks with his huge eyes. Besides, you will not resist either...

Halfway between Krokmou adorable dragon and Shrek's Puss in Boots, he is one of those who easily crack Internet users. It must also be said that with his big eyes that gives him a look surprised, it is not very complicated for him. Him ? It's Gimo , a cat from South Korea that looks like a very fluffy stuffed toy.

If it does no

DIY: Turn a vintage suitcase into a dog cart Dogs

DIY: Turn a vintage suitcase into a dog cart

Creative, Brian Patrick Flynn set out to make the perfect basket for his dog. Armed with good ideas, a retro suitcase, a little equipment and patience, he achieved his goal and agreed to share his experience with you.

In 2008, I bought my house, a built in the 1950s that I filled with custom furniture before adopting my dog ​​in a shelter, a white "hair seeder" that responds to the name of Gidget. Although I love it, I appreciate less that it covers my dark brown velvet so


A second chance for Little Dude, an obese cat abandoned by its humans

16 kilos, this is the weight that was indicated when the poor Little Dude, an obese cat whose days are in danger, was laid on the scale. It should weigh almost 10 kilos less... But this cat who can barely walk today has been taken care of by an association that intends to save his life , by making him follow a Draconian diet combined with daily exercise

A new life for Little Dude

A few days ago, a Reddit member published a photo of Little Dude, explaining th

The deep friendship between an American soldier and an Afghan cat

A deeply touching friendship was born in Kabul, Afghanistan: an American soldier and a stray cat all but wild. The feline, a tabby female named Gracie, seemed to have adopted a man to whom she had been very attached, to the point of following him everywhere.

The soldier, whose name is not revealed, first crossed the road to Gracie when she was still a kitten, living with her brothers and her mother. She was particularly timid , did not let anyone c

This cat has just given birth to 6 adorable kittens! (Video of the day)

On the agenda of the day? A condensed love! Discover this cat mom and her beautiful babies.

This cat has just given birth, and it is with happiness that her mistress filmed the first hours of her offspring . You too, discover this feline family in this video:

To read also: Inspired by birth photos, she photographs the kitten she adopted

She finds two adorable kittens and did not expect that she would discover

A story very moving.

In Sydney, Australia, a woman found two adorable kittens in her garden. Two kittens she did not know and she decided to feed. Only a few weeks old, the kittens are far too young to stay out alone, so she decides to take them with her and notices a detail she did not pay attention to: the kittens seem to have abnormalities in the eyes .

She then decides to immediately accompany them to the vet to have them examined. On the spot, the ve

These cats know how to use a fishing rod on their own (Video of the day)

Cats will never stop to amaze and impress us! And the star duo of this video has something to bluff the 600,000 Internet users they have gathered in front of their screen in just 4 days!

Outstanding babysitter, the oldest tomcat knows perfectly well how to distract his little brother: he has learned to use himself fishing rod at the end of which a small fish is swinging.
As a human would do, he holds the toy in his little paw and makes it com

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She finds an abandoned puppy, goes to the vet who understands that there is a problem

Poor Petey...

In In principle, when you adopt a dog it is supposed to be an integral part of the family and stay there all your life. But this is unfortunately not always the case and some dogs do not fall into the right families. This is the case with Petey, an adorable puppy with a very cute face.

Abandoned in the middle of a park

About a year ago, a puppy named Petey was abandoned in a park with his brothers and sisters by his master. Delive

They move and abandon their belongings on the sidewalk... with their dog

Ollie was abandoned in December, thrown on the sidewalk with the furniture of its relocating owners. Like a common junk.

abandonment is an often reprehensible act, but some ways of giving up one's dog are even more so. To put it outside, in the middle of the furniture to throw, on the sidewalk, and in addition in the cold of the winter, is part of it. That's what happened to poor Ollie

Watch the video:

The main diseases of the dog

Your dog can unfortunately get sick, here are the main canine diseases and pathologies, their symptoms and remedies:

Welcoming a new animal at home is always a strong emotional moment. But keep in mind that like humans, they are vulnerable to specific diseases depending on the species.

Thus, upon the arrival of your four-legged companion you will need be sure to vaccinate against common pathologies in your veterinarian. They are oft

Her dog lies under her head when she has convulsions (Video)

"I am blessed to have it.

Aged 23, Janaye is a young American who suffered a serious head injury in 2012. An accident that still today the young woman suffers from fainting and convulsions which could have important consequences. In order to avoid a new traumatic brain injury, Janaye has today Colt, his service dog, at his side .

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After the hell of the labs, a happy ending for these mice and rabbits

They knew only the worst of the Humanity. But thanks to the talent of an Italian photographer who officiates as a volunteer in the refuge that saved them, these rodents and other lagomorphs see again a future where only the best is possible...

Their life before freedom? The labs, their tests and their cruelty. Before being rescued and made safe by La Collina dei Conigli, these rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs indeed underwent the experiments of the Man. Today out of the