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$ 100,000 Raised for the fight against puppy mills, thanks to Madonna
Asia, the dog of which Lady Gaga is completely... gaga!
This kitten was raised by a superhero!
A man among wolves: a wild and poignant story
Why do boxes make a box for cats?
A man throws two poodles on the 5th floor, only one survives

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He becomes a burglar to feed 120 cats! Cats

He becomes a burglar to feed 120 cats!

A great lover of cats (that's the least it can be said) was arrested in Japan a few days ago. The man, aged 48, is accused of burglarizing many houses, and this to feed more than a hundred cats !

A loot of 134,000 euros

Unemployed he no longer had the means to buy food for all those cats he used to feed. So he decided to start flying.
Mamoru Demizu introduced himself into thirty houses . His loot, money and jewels, would amount to some

Dog bowl: good choice Dogs

Dog bowl: good choice

Accessory essential from the arrival of a dog / puppy at home, the bowl must be chosen according to specific criteria such as the size of the dog, its physiognomy and its appetite.

A bowl for dog , as well as the leash, the collar or even the basket of your companion, is a essential accessory that the master must obtain as soon as the dog arrives at the house.

To buy in duplicate (one for the food, the other for the water), the

On June 8th, participate in the first cani-citizen meeting! Dogs

On June 8th, participate in the first cani-citizen meeting!

On Saturday, June 8, owners and dog lovers are invited to come to Paris, to take part in the first ever gathering of dogs. peaceful citizen never organized in France
The aim of this event? Give dogs the place they deserve in the cities, by raising the authorities' awareness of this real problem

Not easy to be a dog in town!

Because our doggies suffer from a real lack of consideration . Very few green spaces open to them, public places

Test Pet Head Dirty Talk Deodorant Shampoo Dogs

Test Pet Head Dirty Talk Deodorant Shampoo

This week, Conso Animo is the first pet product review and testing site. offers to test Pet Head Dirty Talk Dog Shampoo for free

Doing a huge hug to your dog is good. Give your dog a huge hug when it smells good, it's even better! To no longer pinch his nose in front of the delicate aroma exhaled by the fur of his hairy companion, nothing beats a good shampoo. By combining the fresh scent of oranges with bicarbonate and Ordedone, Pet Head has concocted a miracle

The great call of the SPA for all these animals who will spend Christmas in a shelter Dogs

The great call of the SPA for all these animals who will spend Christmas in a shelter

In the 4 corners of the country, thousands of animals are preparing to spend Christmas behind the bars of a shelter . To help these dogs and cats abandoned because they are old, sick, disabled, too big or too fearful, and whose association is now the only family, l SPA has launched a great appeal to gifts .

To feed and care for these animals until luck finally grows, the SPA relies on animal friends and their generosity. They need


"Cat" by Philipe Geluck soon in cartoon

The cartoon character created by Philippe Geluck, a Belgian cartoonist, will soon have an incredible ascent . Indeed, his iconic character soberly called " The Cat ", should soon be adapted into cartoon.

"The Cat" was born more than 25 years ago in Belgium and for several years, we breath that an adaptation in cartoon is preparing. The project finally came to fruition and was presented at the Brussels Book Fair, where the first

Lolcats: the 5 best Tooniz of the week Cats

Lolcats: the 5 best Tooniz of the week

Another new week is coming to an end... Time flies, especially when it is embellished with sun and humor! The faithful readers of AllCreatureAnimalClinic know it, and the Tooniz fans are looking forward to this day, since Friday rhymes with Lolcats on AllCreatureAnimalClinic.

It is indeed time to discover the top 5 of the best Lolcats of the week .

The beautiful friendship between little Siena and his dog Buddha, whose touching clichés we unveiled a few days ago

My dog ​​got hurt on one paw, what to do? Dogs

My dog ​​got hurt on one paw, what to do?

The legs of the dog are robust and fragile at the same time. They have five fingers at the front and four fingers at the back and end with a non-retractable claw . The fingers are protected by the so-called

foot pads. If the dog gets injured on one of its feet, lameness or unusual gait

will occur instantly or within hours of injury

Review of maj


Cardiac problems in cats

Although rare in cats , pathologies of the cardiovascular system are nevertheless serious

This is the case of feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy .

As soon as he makes an effort, the cat shows cyanosis (bluish mucous membranes), fatigue , vomiting and breathing difficulties.

In this case too, the diagnosis is

It is done with the help of tools such as electrocardiogram and ec

Shakes, the kitten not quite like the others that moves the Net surfers

Shakes, it is the name of a kitten adorable, which since a few days moves thousands of Internet users around the world. Because Shakes, a small calico cat collected by a shelter in Mumbai, is not quite like the others. He suffers from a neurological disease, cerebellar hypoplasia, which desynchronizes his movements. The kitten, a female, is ceaselessly seized with spasms and is unable to control .

Fortunately, sickness does not suffer physically and does not prevent i

Dozens of cats and dogs rescued from a wild breeding

Wednesday, November 20, the gendarmes of Chambley, in Lorraine, rescued a Hundreds of dogs and cats held in unimaginable conditions. All these animals belonged to a woman already known to the police, who had been forbidden to possess animals.

Abominable living conditions

As reported Eastern Republican , a stench reigne

When a cat finds its human after 3 days of separation (Video of the day)

Dogs are not the only ones to know welcome worthy of their masters when they return home . Cats too, despite their reputation as independent companions, even indifferent, are happy to find their humans and know how to make them understand.
This is at least the case of this cat, who celebrates his owner as would do a doggie after three long days of separation. As soon as he hears the door open, he rushes down the stairs to say hello.

Intirissable, the ball

Paralyzed, this cat fights for the survival of her little

One paralyzed pussy from the buttocks after a bad meeting and mom recently fights to continue to take care of her babies. Forced to drag herself to be able to nurse her young, she can count on the shelter that has gathered her to make her life easier.

Shortly before the birth of the kittens, this little cat named Princess lived in a yard where he was offered food... feeling safe, the cat then gave birth to his five cubs in this place. However, some time after her delivery, the ba

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He approaches a dog that seems dead and has a huge surprise

For a surprise, it's a huge surprise.

A few days ago, Manuel Delgado was on a bike ride through the mountains in Spain when he saw something that caught his eye. There, in front of him, was a animal that needed help

A dead dog on the roadside

It was when seeing a couple close to the dog's body that Manuel Delgado decides to stop to help. The couple explains that they were walking around when the dog ran towards them before falling, de

Thanks to her dog, Mariah Carey hopes to lose weight!

Since the birth of its twins , it seems that the singer Mariah Carey can not bear the few pounds she took during her pregnancy...

Never mind! The American Diva has just announced on Twitter that thanks to her Jack Russell Jill E. Beans , she jumps into the water to lose weight.

From the water aerobics with Jack Russell

Mariah Carey has decided to start aqua aerob

Dog or puppy toys

dog toys are not trivial baubles. In the dog, the game is a practice essential to its good health and its development. Dog toys simply make it easy for your mate to learn about life.

Development of the dog's social and physical abilities

Dogs play throughout their lives. The game is of paramount importance in the development of puppies. Thanks to toys, he learns a whole repertory of physical postures and movements that strengthen his muscles and his skelet

The US Animal Protection Squad

There are animal welfare associations and there is the Rescue Ink. Unleashed ". Far from the methods of the SPA, this band of big guys has taken the lead to act in the interest of animals.

They are balèzes, hard, tattooed. And animal lovers , let it be said! They go to New York where several thousand animals (dogs, cats, and what works, steals or crawls in general) are neglected or abused .

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After the hell of the labs, a happy ending for these mice and rabbits

They knew only the worst of the Humanity. But thanks to the talent of an Italian photographer who officiates as a volunteer in the refuge that saved them, these rodents and other lagomorphs see again a future where only the best is possible...

Their life before freedom? The labs, their tests and their cruelty. Before being rescued and made safe by La Collina dei Conigli, these rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs indeed underwent the experiments of the Man. Today out of the