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RIP Frank and Louie: the famous two-headed cat died at the exceptional age of 15 Cats

RIP Frank and Louie: the famous two-headed cat died at the exceptional age of 15

This is sad news for his masters, from Grafton, Massachusetts: Frank and Louie, the famous two-headed cat , is died last week. This cat was indeed born with two faces. He had two mouths, two noses, three eyes, but on the other hand he had only a single brain

Unexpected longevity

On December 4, Frank and Louie, nicknamed Janus in reference to the two-faced Roman deity, is dead. He had reached the age of 15, exceptional for an animal like hi

Sentenced to 500 euros fine for feeding stray cats Cats

Sentenced to 500 euros fine for feeding stray cats

500 euros fine, it is the pain to which a inhabitant of Mâcon, in Saône-et-Loire, was recently sentenced for feeding stray cats.

Denounced by its neighbor

As reported by the Journal of Saône-et-Loire , this A cat-loving woman - she has four of them herself - regularly gave kibbles to homeless felines, so they naturally got into the habit of coming

Paul McCartney protests against the exploitation of greyhounds for their blood Dogs

Paul McCartney protests against the exploitation of greyhounds for their blood

As a result of PETA USA's investigation, the world has been able to discover with horror the fate of 150 dogs used in a Texas "blood farm". Scandalized, former Beatles member Paul McCartney wants to help them.

We revealed to you a few days ago the sad fate of 150 Greyhounds who, enclosed in small cages, are used to provide the bank of animal blood Pet Blood Bank. Confined in undeveloped boxes, most dogs are in poor physical or mental health: the video broadca

Earn 8in1 treats for your dog! Dogs

Earn 8in1 treats for your dog!

Want to please your dog? If your best 4-legged friend is a gourmet , he will definitely love treats 8in1 Proactive Fillets, Delicious Chicken Snacks That Feast on Your Taste Buds !

And AllCreatureAnimalClinic has once again decided to spoil you, giving you the opportunity to win these treats for your dog .

> Play now the instant winner.

To try your luck, it's very simple! Simply en

Entropion and ectropion in dogs Dogs

Entropion and ectropion in dogs

entropion is a rolling of the eyelid to the inside of the cornea. The cilia are then in contact with the cornea and this incorrect position quickly leads to inflammation of the cornea friction eyelashes

Some dog breeds are more prone to this malformation. The Chow Chow, the Saint Bernard , the German Mastiff, the Beauceron... The oelig; it runs continuously. An intervention allows to draw on the eyelid to move away from the cornea. It will otherwise permanent care.

Jack, the fetishist cat Cats

Jack, the fetishist cat

In Idaho, USA, Jack a black and white shorthair cat causes trouble in his town of Alene: he steals money. in the neighborhood

It all started on Halloween night. Judy Waring finds a boa of feathers in front of her door. Without asking too much questions, she throws it.

Then it was a leather glove, which she threw too. But the objects did not stop flowing on the doorstep, until the day she realized that her cat Jack was the responsible.

Even unmasked, Jack the runaway cat and

The unique relationship between this dog and this cat will melt Cats

The unique relationship between this dog and this cat will melt

A kitten needed a family, a dog needed a companion. They found themselves, and it's totally magical.

That's Tora the kitten and Kuma the dog !

Kuma the Husky is a dog that needs a permanent company because he suffers separation anxiety and quickly becomes very anxious when he is alone. It is for this reason that

Two teenage girls convicted of putting a kitten in the microwave Cats

Two teenage girls convicted of putting a kitten in the microwave

Two young girls coming from Maine, in the United States, come from to be condemned by the courts, one year after having put an unfortunate kitten of 2 months in the microwave and put on line a video of their "feat".

The teenagers aged 16, of which the names have not been made public because they are still minor, have received 100 hours of community service , said Tamara Getchell, spokeswoman for the Cumberland County Attorney's Office. They will a


The cat's eyes

The most important of cat is seen : his eyes are able to see at a very great distance, thanks to a sharp perception of the minute and very rapid movements. The view of the cat is, moreover, perfect day and good night; the cells of the tissue that covers the posterior part of the retina can, in fact, amplify the weak nocturnal light up to 40 or 50 times.

This tissue, called tapetum lucidum , is responsible f

A flight disturbed by a cat perched on the wing of the ULM! (Video)

When this woman decides to offer her baptism the air in the microlight, she does not suspect that another passenger was invited on the flight...

It is in Kourou in French Guiana that the improbable happened

As the Sky Ranger ULM takes off normally, the first seconds of flight unfold beautifully until a small ball of hair appears on one of the wings of the aircraft!

After crawling 'to the central frame, this perched cat succeeds in clinging and holds good

18 Cats that look more than ever like Game of Thrones characters

Addicted to the hit series, you've always wondered what you can do look like the feline version of your favorite heroes?

Well... that should surprise you a lot!

1. Ned Stark

2. Sansa Stark

Social aggression of the cat

When two cats s' approach each other with aggressive intentions , they walk on the tip of the legs, slowly move their tail up to the hocks, turn their heads to one side, but fix themselves directly in the eyes. Their threatening attitudes may be enough for one of them to submit and run away.

If the two rivals do not want to give in, it is likely that this will happen. will end in clash .

Incredible: discover Manny, the cat able to take selfies!

It seems like the madness of self-portraits taken with the smartphone camera has taken over our friends cats! We want proof that one of them, Manny, became a real celebrity on the Web thanks to that...

It comes straight from Arizona and is the happy cat of a certain Yorem Ahm . It is ? Yes Yes Yes Yes ! This is Manny! Do not panic if you do not know him yet... just be aware that he is currently one of the most followed Instagram cats

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20 Photos of dogs eagerly awaiting the arrival of the baby from their human!

When you are expecting a happy event, doggies tend to completely change their behavior even if they become... real pots of glue! And these 20 dogs are no exception...

Dogs are able to detect your pregnancy before you, thanks to the hormonal changes your body undergoes... but that's not all! They are also likely to feel that you are more vulnerable during your pregnancy. Therefore, the protective instinct of some dogs is strengthened and your dog has eyes only for you... even to r

Stray dogs in Romania threatened with death

On Tuesday, September 10, Romania passed a law authorizing the euthanasia of stray dogs . A decision adopted to ensure the safety of citizens, one week after the death of a child bit by canines in Bucharest

The little boy aged 4 years was attacked by 5 dogs who wandered around a park

Tens of thousands of stray dogs

This is a real plague in Romania. The number of stray dogs is estimated between 40,000 and 60,000

After the death of her dog, she gives him the most beautiful homage

To pay homage to her dog she loved more than anything his mistress wrote him a particularly moving tribute.

When adopting a pet, he becomes a full member of our family. And inevitably, when he comes to die, the punishment is immense.

A huge loss

A week ago, Lee DiBella lost his beloved dog named Brian. A dog that she had adopted in a shelter and who shared his life for many years . A dog that mattered a lot for her and all he

Hecatomb of dogs after the passing of the storm Maria in Puerto Rico

None of the doggies living on the famous Dead Dog Beach has survived the natural disaster.

Chistina Beckles is devastated. Everything she built for years was destroyed and most of all the dogs she cared for on Dead Dog Beach in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico, perished after the devastating passage of the storm. Tropical Maria more than a week ago. They were hundreds, adults and puppies, and none survived. "We have nothing left. Everything was destro

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After the hell of the labs, a happy ending for these mice and rabbits

They knew only the worst of the Humanity. But thanks to the talent of an Italian photographer who officiates as a volunteer in the refuge that saved them, these rodents and other lagomorphs see again a future where only the best is possible...

Their life before freedom? The labs, their tests and their cruelty. Before being rescued and made safe by La Collina dei Conigli, these rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs indeed underwent the experiments of the Man. Today out of the