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Little Boudoir: nice unique accessories, like your dog! Dogs

Little Boudoir: nice unique accessories, like your dog!

And if your dog was wearing a single leash, that he will be the only one proudly exhibiting in front of his friends at the dog park? A leash transmitting a message of love or mood, or simply his name or yours?

A fully customizable set

That's what the Little Boudoir offers you , which creates accessories for animals but also for humans, whether they are big or small!
The necklace and leash duo exists in a multitu

My dog ​​urine of blood Dogs

My dog ​​urine of blood

The blood in the urine of your dog can come from the genital or urinary tract (kidneys, bladder, urinary channels...)

It will be necessary to locate the origin of the bleeding before proposing a treatment and making a prognosis. The urine can also be coffee-colored, by the presence of hemoglobin resulting from the bursting of red blood cells parasitized by the piroplasm.

The observations of the owner are very useful to the veterinarian for its diagn

Unique survivor of the litter, this kitten with crooked legs is a miracle (Video of the day) Cats

Unique survivor of the litter, this kitten with crooked legs is a miracle (Video of the day)

Just hours after his birth, this disabled cat was dropped off at the Los Angeles Kitten Rescue with his brothers and sisters; urs. The only survivor, he finally found the love of a home...

When they were deposited at the doors of the shelter, the three kittens were still covered with amniotic fluid and still had their umbilical cord. In addition, they all seemed to be suffering from serious genetic anomalies... so, in the face of this emergency, members of the Los Angeles Kitten

Adopted, this one-eyed cat has become... a guard cat! Cats

Adopted, this one-eyed cat has become... a guard cat!

Although it is one-eyed, it can be said that Manny the cat has the; ig il il!!!!! Thanks to him, a burglar who was going to attack his master's house could be arrested.

Andrew, a resident of the city of Adelaide, Australia, adopted Manny as he wandered in the street. street. The kitten was then only 5 months old but life had not spoiled him: he had already lost a " " in a fight with other cats.

This handicap did not stop Andrew from taking care of this

Police dog, and dog hero, Bear moves the United States Dogs

Police dog, and dog hero, Bear moves the United States

Bear, it is the name of a dog which attracted all the admiration and the sympathy of the New -York last weekend, when he courageously ended a violent fight when he was wounded

The dog ends a violent fight

Bear, a Shepherd German, 6 years old, is a police dog, and now also a dog hero . His master, Officer Vincent Tieniber, can be extremely proud of him.

Four women were fighting on the platform of a subway station. The officer and the

A man drowns while trying to save a dog Dogs

A man drowns while trying to save a dog

It is a very sad story that reports the East Republican . A 39-year-old man lost his life on Friday trying to save a dog from drowning

An act of courage and goodness

It's in the Moselle between Toul and Gondreville, that the tragedy took place. The man was quietly picnicking with his wife by the river, when he saw a dog in trouble near an old stone dam.

Courageously, and although he did not know this dog

Boknal, another horror festival that few people know about Dogs

Boknal, another horror festival that few people know about

After the indignation against the Yulin Festival which has made thousands of dog victims this year, the Humane Society International has a new battleground, unknown to the general public: the festival of Boknal in South Korea.

Celebrated on the hottest three days of summer, the Boknal festival is a celebration of enjoying canine meat . According to the beliefs of the Korean people, eating dog meat during these hottest days would

Dog rescues master, master rescues Dogs

Dog rescues master, master rescues

Paul Kemp, a resident of Des Moines, Iowa, USA , lost his house, ravaged by the flames. But he kept with him his 4-legged best friend , a 3-year-old female Shetland Sheepdog who saved his life , and saved his life in return.

Last Tuesday, early in the morning, the brave dog woke Paul up as a fire broke out in the house. The man tried to extinguish the flames with the water from his coffee maker. But he soon realized that it was useless and that


The cat who thinks he is a duck (Video of the day)

How to make more than 2 million people laugh in a few days only? Nothing could be simpler! Shoot a cat sleeping, and you're done!

Finally not quite... If this cat meets such a success on the web, it's because the adorable noise that he makes during his nap

Visibly in the phase of light sleep (yes, cats have like us several phases of sleep), the cat hears his human cough and cackling him like a duck.

And your loulo

And Japan invented the perfume that smells of cat!

You too, like to sniff the smell of cats, and especially the one that emanates from the top of their pretty heads? You do not get tired of plunging your nose in their coat, between their two adorable little ears, and to smell their sweet scent? Soon, you will not need to harass all the cats you come across to get drunk on their scent. Because a team of Japanese completely gaga of the tomcats has developed... the spray that smells like cat!

A smell of sun and bread

Appache and Alto, or when a sheepdog takes love for a kitten

Need a little tenderness and sweetness on this Monday of come back? Do not wait any longer to meet the cutest duo you'll see on the web today. Appoint the tiny kitten and Alto the white wolf , as nicknamed his mistress Basia, are inseparable.

When little Appache came to his door one fine morning two weeks ago, waking the whole family with meowing, Basia did not resist for a long time before deciding to keep it. But the young woman was very apprehensive of the reaction

Is the behavior of cats a mystery to you? (The question AllCreatureAnimalClinic / RMC)

Do not miss Your Pets on RMC Sunday morning! From 6am to 8am, Laetitia Barlerin, François Sorel and their guests will talk about the behavior of the cat. This is an exciting subject on which animal behavior researchers are constantly discovering new things.

Laetitia will speak and François Sorel will receive on this occasion a behaviorist and a documentarist who will tell us more about the mysteries of felines. They will give us explanations and tips to

After unhappy years in the street, this cat is completely transformed

What a change in just two weeks!

At the end of January, a kitten was supported by the association Chatons Orphelins Montreal in very bad condition.

"The people of the neighborhood gave him food, but nobody really cared for him."

Interesting Articles: Dogs

Take a few minutes to admire these beautiful pictures of dogs

Alicja Zmyslowska has a golden job , a job that will undoubtedly dream many of you. This young Polish girl is a photographer, and every day, it's with dogs that she works .

You know how difficult it can be to succeed the photos of your dog, especially when they are agitated like fleas! But Alicja Zmyslowska, she manages to achieve clichés as dynamic as poetic. Whether alone or with friends, the photographer captures and sublimates the personality of each dog

Funny Hobby for a Dog: Collecting Golf Balls

Tilly-Miss, a female Jack Russell terrier living in England, has a special hobby: since the age of 3 months she picks up all the golf balls that she finds in her way and brings them back to her master. In total, Tilly-Miss has already collected 18,000 golf balls ! What to do with all these balls? Selling them, of course.

The bitch and her master therefore have golf ball dispensers scattered throughout Europe in pubs, clubs and garages. But where

These 12 dogs waiting for their masters will make you cry!

The ears folded, the eyes wet and the watch in front of the door... The dog is the friend the more faithful of the man and proves it once again through this series of photos rich in emotions!

"The stories are full of examples which demonstrate the faithfulness of the dog rather than those of the friends" said Alexander Pope, English poet. We all know the story of Hachiko, the Akita who never stopped waiting for his master at Shibuya Station in Tokyo, even after his de

Even the dogs cry in front of the Lion King. The proof ! (Video of the day)

How to stay in front of The Lion King , and the sad scene of death of Mufasa? Even dogs can not contain their sadness !

This adorable doggie, a Chihuahua cross pug, enjoys watching TV with his teachers. And in front of the famous Disney, he has, like any other spectator, left overwhelmed by emotion .

The little dog, 3 years old, seems to really understand the story , and seize all the tragedy of this scene.

Between two squeak

Interesting Articles: Other

After the hell of the labs, a happy ending for these mice and rabbits

They knew only the worst of the Humanity. But thanks to the talent of an Italian photographer who officiates as a volunteer in the refuge that saved them, these rodents and other lagomorphs see again a future where only the best is possible...

Their life before freedom? The labs, their tests and their cruelty. Before being rescued and made safe by La Collina dei Conigli, these rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs indeed underwent the experiments of the Man. Today out of the