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As a father, Ian Somerhalder explains how his cats prepared him for this role
Her cat changes her behavior and sticks to her, when she understands why she has tears in her eyes
When a wandering kitten interrupts a journalist's live
Elect the hero dog of the year 2013
Saved by a policeman, this kitten now fights crime by his side
Citizens save the employment of a working dog

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Georges, the cat who crossed the planet to find his human Cats

Georges, the cat who crossed the planet to find his human

Suffering from many health problems, the owner of Georges, a beautiful tomcat, was forced to leave him to go to Ireland. Left in the hands of a neighbor in Australia, the cat found itself wandering... a long chain of generosity was then set up to bring the two friends together!

Forced to go to Ireland for a short time, the George's owner had to leave his beloved cat in his residence in Australia. Saddened by her departure, Fiona, the mistress of the cat, took care to ensure his w

Conflicts between dogs: territoriality Dogs

Conflicts between dogs: territoriality

Dogs are never crazy (except very rare cases of true pathology) or blindly aggressive. When they come to physical confrontation, there is always a good reason. The fact is that these reasons, perfectly clear to the two adversaries, are not necessarily so for their masters.

Let us examine the factors most often at the origin of a conflict between two subjects. We have seen that social animals have excellent reasons to believe that their territory is sacred and inviolable. For the dog, as

Before / After: Found frozen under a car, this kitten has metamorphosed! Cats

Before / After: Found frozen under a car, this kitten has metamorphosed!

On a cold winter night, Jake, a 4-week-old kitten, was found frozen under a car. A year later, here he comes to life with a full tooth!

Refrigerated and without his mother, Jake is close to death. At only one month, he was still too fragile to face the winter outside.

So when he was found by a charitable soul

The iPad is also made for cats! Cats

The iPad is also made for cats!

The owners of cats know it well, a simple ball of paper is enough to amuse a cat for hours . But now we want to make our kitties addicted to... the iPad !

Not happy to have made our toddlers from the touch pad, the developers are indeed attacking a new market, that of cats. You could think of an April Fool's joke. But it is very true. After the YouTube channel entirely dedicated to the tomcat, here are the applications imagined for our dear balls of hair

She films her fiancé with her dogs, which she discovers is cold in the back Dogs

She films her fiancé with her dogs, which she discovers is cold in the back

A very bad surprise.

It all starts when Ninna - a woman living in Rio de Janeiro - discovers that her two worshiped Bulldogs suffer several wounds . Seeing that Gucci and Victoria are not in their normal state, the young woman does not understand how they were hurt. She then decides to take action

A video that is cold in the back

Ninna then decides to install a video camera in her apartment to understand the why and how. And what she discovers i

Teens with dogs are more dynamic Dogs

Teens with dogs are more dynamic

This is news that will please families who own a dog at home. It's a fact, parents are often annoyed to see their offspring watch television or spend hours in front of their computer screen. But what they surely do not know is the result of a recent study by US researchers on the relationship between pets and physical activity. They have shown that teens who own a dog at home do more exercise than those who do not have .

One of

This huge dog takes swimming lessons to overcome his fear of water Dogs

This huge dog takes swimming lessons to overcome his fear of water

Traumatized by a game that went wrong in a lake two years ago, Logan the Saint Bernard learns to overcome his phobia of water, little by little.

Logan , 3 years old, is an adorable Saint Bernard of 70 kg. It's hard to think that such a dog is afraid of anything, it's so impressive and yet... Like some humans, it's terrified by water, so much so that it's scared of his bowl if he sees the contents move. A phobia developed after an incident experienced when he w

Dog Grooming: Dogs

Dog Grooming:

Before starting the activity of groomer every day, everything must be organized . Thus, when customers begin to arrive at the show, the appointments will be smoothly linked.

When looking after show dogs, the canine groomer is faced with breeds of dog pedigree , and must respect the canons established in the breed standards. To do this, he must know how to handle the appropriate concepts and techniques, and balance or c


Saved when she was tiny, this little cat has metamorphosed

Love often works miracles.

Eighteen months ago, Jessica woke up one morning discovering an email about a little kitten who needed a foster family. That's how she met Cider, an adorable hairball that was only a few weeks old.

"From the beginning, she was very independent and spent a lot of time exploring and play. She was not afraid of the dogs that I have in the home and was able to win, "Jessica told LoveMeow.

Initially, Cider was so sma

This cat enters a barracks to ask for help and his life takes a new turn

Such a beautiful story .

firefighters. In a few days, the cat had made the barracks her home! Today, she reigns on the barracks and spends her time demanding gratings

A little surprise guest

So two years ago, a cat entered a barracks New York to protect yourself from the cold. Initially a little s

A black cat in the middle of a football match makes the most superstitious

This Sunday, the teams of Barça and Elche clashed in the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona (Spain). A much-anticipated match by supporters, who came in large numbers to cheer on their favorite players

But hardly was the kick-off given that the match had to be suspended . The reason? A black cat galloping with impunity in the middle of the stadium lawn and stealing the show from the footballers. Despite the color of his coat and t

Cat Pie

Very popular with our friends cats, cat food has many advantages

Marketed in the form of boxes or sachets , food wet are very popular with cats. Better to opt for single-use confections, because the contact of the air alters the flavor and aroma of the food after opening, very important characteristics for our companion.

Of taste and consistency very varied (from mash to bite), they will be well balanced and conta

Salon Contest Dogs Cats: Have you won any of the 50 places put on the line for the 2017 edition?

Many of you have entered our contest to win one of the 50 seats for the show Dogs Cats, put on line on AllCreatureAnimalClinic. The time has come to tell you who are the lucky winners!

Before revealing the list of lucky ones, here are the 3 good answers of the quiz:

1. How many cats will there be at Dogs Cats? 500

2. How many editions of the show have already taken place? 5

3. How many exhibitors will be present at the sho

Interesting Articles: Dogs

This octogenarian invented the abandoned dog train!

Eugene Bostick is one of those people whose generosity has no limits. At 80, this retiree has chosen to use his free time to help stray dogs in his neighborhood.

Indeed, for fifteen years , man from Fort Worth, Texas, collects abandoned dogs in his neighborhood. After having them sterilized and castrated by the veterinarian, he feeds them and takes care of them daily. But the most incredible remains to come...

More than security and surviva

On horseback, this dog is the best rider ever! (Video of the day)

Friends to the city as at the armory, Spanky the pony and Dally the little bitch, two residents of a ranch in Washington, are inseparable...

It's thanks to Francesca Carsen that Dally, the Jack Russel 5 years, and Spanky, the miniature pony aged 7, have become the best friends of the world. Since the equine returned to life after his rescue, the little dog has indeed been very attached to him. So much so that, according to the

A couple abandons their dog and leaves him to starve in Corsica

Last month, the owner of a house located in Castellare di Mercurio, in Haute-Corse, made a macabre discovery in his garden: the skeleton of a dog , that of his former tenants, tied in a small hut.

The owners of the The animals left overnight with their children after spending months in the house without paying their rent. The landlord had started eviction proceedings last January.

A few weeks ago, he went to the property to see what the house was like. And what

A dog found alive after 6 days in a chasm

A Wisconsin couple in the USA found his dog, a Labrador retriever 12 years old missing out for 6 days . The animal was trapped deep in an abyss, and miraculously survived, despite its advanced age.

When they realized that their dog had disappeared, Mary and Jeff were actively looking for it.

Unfortunately , no trace of the poor animal, and at 12, the dangers are much more numerous for a dog .

Whereas the co

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After the hell of the labs, a happy ending for these mice and rabbits

They knew only the worst of the Humanity. But thanks to the talent of an Italian photographer who officiates as a volunteer in the refuge that saved them, these rodents and other lagomorphs see again a future where only the best is possible...

Their life before freedom? The labs, their tests and their cruelty. Before being rescued and made safe by La Collina dei Conigli, these rabbits, rats, mice and guinea pigs indeed underwent the experiments of the Man. Today out of the